Our story

Our mantra, Let's talk about treatment, is an attempt to make us all aware of the fact that health is the most precious thing we possess.The ClickTreatment Platform has been created for doctors and patients in order to allow them to meet in a virtual room and discuss some health issues.

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The ClickTreatment communication platform is dependent on the Internet connection and devoted to conducting video consultations online. Video Consultation Panel is available through an Internet browser and on mobile devices in Adroid and IOS.

Our solution enables direct audio-video contact as well as showing patients presentations, photos and films. There is also a possibility to do surveys and tests as well as to chat online with the use of automatic translation into several dozen languages.

The ClickTreatment Platform addresses the expectations of present-day doctors and patients, allowing them to participate in a video consultation from any place in the world with an access to the Internet. Patients have a possibility to keep in touch with their doctors regardless of where they are staying while doctors may consult their patients and give second opinions with the use of their virtual rooms.

Specialists registered at the ClickTreatment Platform offer second opinion service to those patients who have just received their results of medical examinations and are not sure about the adequacy of the diagnosis. Second opinion, that is an independent comment of another doctor, is given on the basis of results sent by patients.

ClickTreatment makes a perfect basis for medical subjects and coordinators active in medical tourism. Before a patient chooses a clinic or a place in which he or she would like to be treated or undergo a rehabilitation, he or she can use our platform. During a conversation with the use of video channel our consultants will willingly talk about the details of your treatment.

The ClickTreatment platform will help a patient to choose the best offer and enable a constant contact with a doctor before the surgery and after returning home.

The representatives of the ClickTreatment understand that the organization of patient's treatment in another country is a complex process and involves work of not only doctors but also coordinators who will organize the whole stay. Our solution enables integrated actions that will be transparent for a patient.

The ClickTreatment platform protects personal data in accordance with applicable law. There is nobody, apart from the representatives of our company as well as doctors providing you with services, who has access to your personal data.

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